Songs of the North

A book containing poetry and songs from the Barbarians of the North – Spine of the world.

Sword and Axe
‘Neath the sanguine red moon, there he stood.
Lungs breathing, eyes gazing from under a blood-soaked hood.
With a sword in his hand and his axe in the other
He seethed, filled with fury. Those fiends killed his brother!
He lifted his face to the lights of the night
And with a blood-chilling war cry he dove into the fight.
With a speed and a vengeance like no one before him
He tore through his foes, severing limb after limb.
The blade ripped through flesh and his axe shattered bone
“You murdered my brother. Of this fate, you should have known”
He cried out as he rampaged, as his battle drew on
Until all around him was dead and there was born, a new dawn.
He dropped to his knees, exhausted, victorious.
He rested a moment. This vengeance was glorious.
At the eye of this carnage, some dirt made a mound
So he picked up the sword and stuck it into the ground
He departed, His sibling’s spirit no longer suffers
For his was the axe. The sword was his brother’s

Giant and the Moon
Cold wind on the harbor and rain on the road.
Wet promise of winter brings recourse to coal.
There’s fire in the blood and a fog on ’brador
The Giant will rise with the moon.

Ravana’s Theme
High on high I stand,
Gazing down to see
The endless garden awaiting me!
Red bloometh the rose of conviction!
And red bloometh the rose of hate!
Yes, red bloometh the rose of conquest!
Only blood will sate!
And the war it wageth on!
The storm it rageth on!
The bold ever fight on!
Their lives echo in song!
All, like snow, they fall,
Petals plucked and strewn,
Yet from their seeds grow
This war anew!
Blood trickling down from my fullers!
And blood trickling down from mine hands!
Yes, blood trickling down to Hydaelyn!
Until I alone stand!
And the war still wageth on!
The storm still rageth on!
The bold blindly march on!
Their lives lost in a song!

Songs of the North

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