Bromwick is a small city near Sundabar, which before the massacre, was known mostly for it’s export of candles, and it’s mysterious Tower of Bromwick, which was once the home to a notorious gnome sorcerer, Zeno Bromwick.

Zeno’s specific expertise is shrouded in mystery, but the most popular theories are that he was a summoner or an illusionist. The gnome disappeared one day, never to be heard from again. His tower, still under the same protective spells, is near impenetrable. It has become a bit of a tourist attraction where people try their luck at getting inside to get to the wonders inside.

The Massacre

The Children of the Moon made a notable stand at The Tower of Bromwick where they sent many of their own members leaping to their deaths. The very next night, the dead rose and attacked the townspeople killing them all.

After this, the cult was no longer heard of in Faerûn.


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