Forgotten Realms: Turlang's Wood

Illithid Treasure


500 Copper
12000 Silver
2100 Gold
10 Plat


3 – Carnelian: Opaque Orange gem
2 – Citrine: Transparent yellowish brown gem
3 – Moonstone: Translucent white with pale blue glow
1 – Quartz: Smokey type
1 – Sardonyx – opaque bands of red and white
1 – Chalcedony – opaque white
1 – Chrysoprase – Translucent green

Magic Items

(found on Illithid)
4th lvl Spell Scroll – Dimension Door
Eyes of Minute Seeing – Glasses that give you advantage on investigation checks
(from the chest)
Horseshoes of Speed – What it says on the tin pg175 DMG

Misc. Trinkets

Small weightless stone block – Found amongst some rubble, possibly was once part of a secret compartment in the stonework.

Beast Tooth
Rank insignia from a lost legionaire
A vest with 100 tiny pockets
A tiny sketch portrait of a goblin

(found on goblins)

On the Road Again

Previously, the party had left the newly “born” warforged (formerly the gem of knowledge) with Zino to work and learn in the library. We were travelling West to try to locate Gareth and Content Not Found: Mystario’s grandfather.

Along the way to Daggerford, we were approached by a pair of mercenaries on dire wolves. They had been hired to try to apprehend us for our work in uniting the orc tribes. We talked them out of a fight and they escorted us to Daggerford. Once there, some conversational hijinks ensued and we were not arrested. The mayor was (eventually) persuaded to provide us rooms at the Inn. Krusk has his brief (and relatively benign) revenge on the mercenary who was rude to him and we settled in for the night.

We were offered a job helping with a “goblin problem”. A number of goblins had apparently been attacking a farm to the west of the village. Seeing as it was on our way, and the goblins involved sounded like those who were controlled by illithids, we agreed.

Once at the farm – and hearing of the lofty sum of 10 gold the farmer could pay us – we turned down his payment, gave him a few extra coins, and proceeded to track down the goblins. Jessa was able to track them to the cave from which they had been attacking.

Leaving Zino's Tower
A very gnomish Christmas...

Zino says that as thanks for bringing him back, you have access to the items in his tower to help you on whatever quest you will attempt next – within reason.

He leaves you alone in the tower and heads to the tavern in town for a much needed drink.

Back from Hiatus
When we last left our adventurers...

When we last left off:

Gareth: Was helping Zino turn the portal into a trap

Mystario: Ranged attack with the stairs

Jessa and Krusk: Melee at stairs

They had beaten back the mooks and were waiting for Liloran to show up.

Almost to the tower

The party has traveled through the moon pass and partway through the valley to Sundabar.

They find themselves leaving the snowy peaks and entering a tundra-like plain, the territory of the Ripped Guts Tribe.


Representative of the Red Fang Tribe: Begranor
Representative of the Heart Takers: Bork Bjorkson

Other NPCs along for the journey:
St. Dinnus Diegefahr
Ellie Dimless – Frulam Mondath

Point of Interest: Bromwick

Inside the Stronghold

More notes later, just random things for now.

Burul – elder shaman
Uraugh – Shamen from raiding party

In Ograr
a dragon attacks!

The party has made a slight detour along the way when their orcish escort saw smoke coming from their home.

Ograr is on fire! An adult blue dragon seems to be attacking half-heartedly. What’s going on?

To Jalanthar
We're off to see the wizard...

The party is meeting up with Dinnus in Jalanthar.

The current plan is to investigate and possibly stop the Massacre at Bromwick on their way to Sundabar.

On the road again...

On the road to Jalanthar, encountered some cult members – Children of the Moon

A letter from Priestess Jaethdlass telling the acolytes to knock it off with the banditry.

Treasure: 2 x Large Hematite (73 gp each); Fine Cloth Vest threaded with Silver (143 gp); +1 Ebon Armor (mme 14, 680 gp) Chainmail (phb 214), +1 Summer Growth Totem (phb2 208, 680 gp), 3 x Dragonfire Tar (av 27, 30 gp); hoard total 1739 gp

In Daggerford
Time travel, indeed...

The Hellgate has been closed recently. Turlang and his druids are just now founding Turlang’s Wood.

St. Dinnus is waiting in Jalanthar to hire escorts who speak orcish to guide him through The Moon Pass.

The party has obtained a polyglot gem from the temple of the goddess of luck, Tymora and they owe a boon. Mystario now has a coin symbol on his hand.


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