Retired elven bard, owner of Green Sleeves Tavern and Inn


Full Name: Chueabukakuê
Pronunciation: chew-AH-boo-ka-coo-wee
Nickname/Alias: Chewie, Damned Bard
Meaning: Calmly Speak Friend
Origin: His parents intended for him to be a diplomat
Titles: Field Marshal to the Queen’s High Constable, Kel’Min’Hara, Hero of Balder’s Gate
Pet Name: Blondie, Charmer (from wife)

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Metro Sexual? He’s a male elf.
Orientation: Straight, but comfortable with male affection
Real Age: 378
Age Appearance: At a glance, mid-twenties. If you examine his features he has some tell-tale signs of age, sharper features. Mid-thirties to early forties for a human.
Birthday: 12th of Eleint
Deathday: (not yet)
Birthplace: Chondalwood (before the plaguescar)
Astrological Sign: Born under the Sign of the Spear
and with Waning Selûne under the sign of the Butterfly

Those born under the sign of the Spear are practical, capable and steadfast in adversity, cautious, logical and efficient. They have good business sense but prefer to assist rather than lead. In relationships they are supportive, protective and possessive.

Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Butterfly are restless, sociable and good natured. Cheerful, expansive and magnetic, they win friends easily and dislike offending others. Although often indecisive, they are not weak willed and tackle difficult tasks with infectious optimism.

Immediate Family: Wife, Ozmandias, Sons Gareth and Mystario
Distant Family: Some sisters still in the Chondalwood, parents are in the twilight sleep
Parenting: He is a fun loving father who likes hands on teaching. Encourages his sons to be whoever they may be (but is very happy that one is taking after him), doting, but not coddling.
Upbringing: Was raised to be honorable and speak first, fight second.


TLDR: Joined Elven military at a young age, especially interested in ballistic machines. Recieved his Engineer’s Mark which he is very proud of (a leaf on the bottom heel of his left foot). When the war ended, he took up the lute. Got bored, went out into the world to seek his fortune. Joined up with a traveling caravan and became a part of an adventuring party. Became infamous for being the horny bard, till one day he fell for the groups druid, Oz. Went on many adventures together one always saving the other till one time Oz died- took her body back to the temple and begged to have her brought back. Swore he never wanted to go on another adventure again. The two retired, opened a pub. When the chance to join Turlang in the High Forest peeked Oz’s interest, they sold the pub and moved to the woods. Helped found Turlang’s Wood. Cultivated a new pub. Occasionally makes forays into the closer cities to perform, always returning home- till he didn’t.


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