Forgotten Realms: Turlang's Wood

Soul Stone?

Mistario has been given a book, Songs of the North.

The Mist Master has given the party information on the Soul Stone which should be able to help should the Consort get out of control.

He gave them a book – The Book of St. Dinnus (A priest of Akadi) detailing the works of St. Dinnus who created many powerful items, including the Soul Stone, which he then hid away in the Rauvin Mountains.

(To get there, you would have to head North from the Citadel of Mists and through the Moon Pass, through the Sundabar Vale and into the mountains. Many tribes of orcs occupy these areas)

The book was dictated to Oliver Felbarr, the apprentice to Teravand Oakenleaf, formerly apprenticed to St. Dinnus Diegefahr who it is said had quite the sense of humor.

Other Items in the book -

  • Boots of Escape
  • Cloak of Feather Fall
  • Self-Page-Turning Book (humorous retelling of the first attempts and when it blew off all the hair of one of his apprentices, it took months to grow back his eyebrows)
  • Ring of Elemental Summoning
  • Tornado Pants (quite a humorous read, Dinnus was particularly proud of this item that he’d thought up in his youth but only finished when he was much older. Essentially the wearer of the pants could summon a small tornado to ride. While it worked very well, one had to be a skilled rider to actually stay on top of the tornado.)
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Fart Jar
  • Hat of Gentle Breeze
  • Wand of Banishment (unleashes weaponized powerful gusts of wind)
  • The BAM – Broach of Accelerated Momentum


- Hidden passage in the book. About diplomatic guides who helped St. Dinnus through the Moon Pass and make peace with the orcs, and help them band together.

Soul Stone?
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