Forgotten Realms: Turlang's Wood

Gnoll body knows

the trouble we've seen....

At the gnoll camp from the last session, we also found shaman tent – totems and a crystal likely used for a tracking ritual. There was also evidence that a ritual had been performed recently. One gnoll appears to have left the area, possibly tracking some escaped goblins from the earlier battle.

We followed the tracks of the single gnoll to where he passed the elven village. Stopped by to warn them, but they already knew about the gnolls. It seems several kinds of monstrous humanoids are moving towards Hellgate Keep.

Bane went back to let Turlang’s Wood know what we have already found and we continued pursuit of the gnoll. Bane came back to tell us not to engage. We kept following, then discovered the gnoll was circling around on us. So, we prepared for a fight (so much for not engaging). We managed to bluff the gnoll, however, because he only saw the tieflings. We convinced him we were “demons of the air”. He gave us some information regarding what he referred to as “the calling”. Afterwards, the gnoll said he was not competition but if he saw us again he would kill us, essentially. Didn’t like being followed.

We started heading home again and encountered some goblins on the way. Again, bluff was the solution of the day and Mystario convinced them he was from their god. They gave us a bit more info we didn’t have due to some pointed questioning from “god”. Ater the questions were done, we continued heading home.

The Calling:
Many races are called.
They are congregating toward what we assume is Hellgate Keep.
The goblins expect to find the Consort (a beautiful goblin, they believe).
When they have reached their destination, they will assist with the Ascension.
The tribes and races are not in competition for whatever goal they are working on, but they tend to fight one another anyway.


Reminder: The gnoll mentioned The Citadel of he Mists, and The Mistmaster. That’s who you convinced him you served.

Gnoll body knows
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